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Today: Nov 21, 2017


Vì lỗi kỹ thuật nên số lượng người truy cập sẽ được đếm lại từ tháng 3 ngày 25 năm 2014 và bắt đầu từ con số 1.581.247 (số người truy cập cũ)


Your weekly Journey of Faith reflection

"Therefore, stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour."​

Matthew 25:13
Dear Deacon Nguyen,

We aren't very good at them, are we?

We don't like it when childhood ends, when innocence is lost. We mourn the end of a relationship. And the end of life is never easy, whether we're on the receiving or the watching end.

As we near the end of yet another calendar and liturgical year, today's Scripture reminds us that there is yet another end to be mindful of—the end of time.

While many may view this as a threat, our faith tells us that it is a promise, a literal and figurative Advent. We wait in confidence for God to fulfill His promises, knowing that He is still on the throne, and His Words are still true, even when we "walk through the valley of the shadow of death" (Psalm 23:4). While it doesn't make sense of the senseless violence in our world—such as in the heinous attacks in Las Vegas, New York and Sutherland, Texas—"we do not fear, though the earth be shaken and the mountains totter..." (Psalm 46:3) because we trust in God's promise. He is our ever-present refuge and strength.

Jesus informed his disciples that not a stone would be left in the temple—that Jerusalem and even the world would be destroyed—and that He would come again victoriously. Although chapter 25 of Matthew's Gospel relates to the fall of Jerusalem, (which took place in 70 A.D.), the end of the chapter refers to the end of the age. All of history points toward that event—history is "His story". Our Bridegroom will then determine, as he teaches in the parable of the ten maidens and their lamps, whom He knows and whom He does not know.

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time​

O God of our beginnings, for we are Your creatures, and of the endings as well, for we are destined for greater with You when this world's time is over. Jesus spoke about our being headed for a later more perfect with You as the reason for our life today. Yes, we know that we are on the way, we have a mission in life, we cannot be too attached to this life's ways. The onset of autumn reminds us that Nature will be joining us to accept the dying that is joined to life in all its forms. May Jesus' Spirit be with us ever so spontaneously as we think about these things and try to live our lives to the fullest.


~ Father John P. Martin, M.M.
Dinh, what does it mean to be known by God, to respond to God's call? Having enough oil to light our lamps, (a metaphor for being spiritually prepared); remaining "awake in our faith", (knowing Jesus personally); and using the enormous treasures entrusted to us in self-giving service to God's Mission ready us for that day and hour as we "...wait for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ", (1Corinthians 1:7), our Bridegroom.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Father Raymond J. Finch, M.M.

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