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Today: Dec 12, 2018


Vì lỗi kỹ thuật nên số lượng người truy cập sẽ được đếm lại từ tháng 3 ngày 25 năm 2014 và bắt đầu từ con số 1.581.247 (số người truy cập cũ)

Mỗi Ngày Một Câu Kinh Thánh

Daily Bible Verse 101
Thursday, August 02, 2018
Honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus this Friday.

August 3, 2018 - First Friday.

The 12 Promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: Jesus promised 12 special favors to all those who will honor His Sacred Heart especially on the First Friday of every month. In the 8th month of the year 2018, we look at Promise #8.

#8. "Fervent souls shall speedily rise to great perfection."

Who are fervent souls?
Are there hierarchy or grades of reward in Heaven? How would you feel to realize that although you made it to Heaven, you have not realized your fullest potential?

There are hierarchy of angels and choir. Therefore there must be hierarchy of saints. Some of the ministries or celebrations in Heaven are likely to be: Choir and Intercessions. Leading the ministries of Intercessions is Jesus our Eternal High Priest and His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven.

Saints who will have pride of place in these two Heavenly Ministries are saints who have gone extra mile while on earth to please the Lamb and had washed their robes in the Blood of the Lamb. (Revelation 22: 14).

So my friends, being fervent is good but why not aim for perfection.

Honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus this Friday by attending Holy Mass.

For the 12 Promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, click the link below:



Daily Bible Verse 101
Wednesday, August 01, 2018
Where is this Pearl of Great Value?

"Jesus said to his disciples: "The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant searching for fine pearls. When he finds a pearl of great price, he goes and sells all that he has and buys it." (Matthew 13: 45 - 46).

Are you a seeker? Are you searching for more value in your life? More meaning? More peace and joy? More capacity for faith, hope and love?
Welcome to the the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Pearl of Great Price.

Is it possible to find such a treasure? Let us look at some of the best of the children of men who searched and found this Pearl of Great Price:
St Mary Magdalene: Found the Great Pearl and thereafter got attached to the Pearl.
St Ignatius Loyola: Loved the Pearl passionately and abandoned everything and followed the Pearl everywhere.
St Thomas More: Gave his life happily for the Pearl.
St Teresa of Kolkata: Traveled the whole world spreading message about the Pearl.

How about you? What is your passion in life? Do you have any magnificent obsession? Jesus has a magnificent obsession for the Kingdom of God. He desires to get you involved in this beautiful project.
Will you say YES to Jesus?
Nobody who said YES had any regrets.



Daily Bible Verse 101
Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Knowledge of the mysteries of the Kingdom of God is given to the little ones.

"I give praise to you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned you have revealed them to the childlike." (Matthew 11: 25).

Have you read "THE STORY OF A SOUL?" The autobiography of St Therese of Lisieux, the little French flower? It is one of the most delightful and popular life of Saints since it was published at the close of the 19th century. St Therese entered Carmel at 15 and died at 24. What made Therese one of the 35 Doctors of the Church, 4 of which are women?

St Therese was the little child of Jesus and Jesus taught His little child the simple secret of holiness.

"The disciples approached Jesus and said, "Why do you speak to them in parables?" He said to them in reply, "Because knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven has been granted to you, but to them it has not been granted." (Matthew 13: 10 - 11).

What is the knowledge of the Kingdom of God? Read on:

The mystery of the Kingdom of God is the mystery of God's unfathomable mercy.

"Lord, your mercy reaches to heaven; your fidelity, to the clouds."
"How precious is your mercy, O God!" (Psalm 36: 6, 8).

The Blessed Virgin Mary has a profound knowledge of this mystery. She is childlike and a little one.
"And Mary said,
"My soul magnifies and exalts the Lord, And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.
"For He has looked [with loving care] on the humble state of His maidservant; For behold, from now on all generations will count me blessed and happy and favored by God!...
"And His mercy is upon generation after generation
Toward those who [stand in great awe of God and] fear Him." (Luke 1: 46 - 50).

This knowledge is so profound that the Church uses the Magnificat of Mary every day in Vespers going back possibly to the beginning of the Church. Mary, the Simple One is also Seat of Wisdom, one of her titles from ancient times.



Daily Bible Verse 101
Tuesday, July 31, 2018

"At the name of Jesus, every knee should bend of those in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." (Philippians 2: 10 - 11).

The Scriptures say that at the Name of Jesus, every knee should bend in worship. This will happen at the Eschaton, the End of the Age. When the Kingdom of God is made manifest, there will be no choice for any person but to bend the knee. When Christ comes to take possession of His Kingdom, He will come not like a helpless poor baby but like a mighty King. When the sun is up and shining, nobody asks "where is the sun?" You see the sun from wherever you may be.

Today is the feast of St Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits. Ignatius contributed deep insights into the Discernment of Spirits. His insights are still used in retreats all over the world. Ignatius had such an intimate love for Jesus and left us this great desire of his heart:

+ To know the Heart of Jesus intimately.
+ To love Him passionately.
+ To follow Jesus everywhere.

Ignatius counsels his spiritual children to do everything for the greater glory of God.



Daily Bible Verse 101
Monday, July 23, 2018
Who is my mother?

"Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?" And stretching out his hand toward his disciples, he said, "Here are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of my heavenly Father is my brother, and sister, and mother." (Matthew 12: 48 - 50).

"Who is my mother?" My mother is she who does the will of God.
Who are my brothers and sisters?
My brothers and sisters are they who do the will of God.

What does it mean to do the will of God? What does Scripture say?
The Bible is full of passages on the importance and benefits of doing the will of God. (Matthew 6: 10, Matthew 7: 21, James 1: 22, Romans 12: 2, Hebrews 10: 36, 1 John 2: 3 - 6, etc.).

The will of God is the Law of God, His Commandments and all that He has decreed. This Law is written first in the Decalogue (the Ten Commandments), in the entire Bible and in the consciences of men and women of good will everywhere. He who observes this Law is the true brother of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit who is in every true believer helps us to observe this Law and qualifies us as the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ.


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