Saying "Yes" means Yes, Saying "No" means No (Matthew 5:37)

If we are observing ourselves and others, we can recognize that many times people say one thing yet they might mean something different from what they are saying. Or they might appear to be nice to others externally. Internally, they pretend to be nice with certain purpose or agenda for their own good and interest, for example, to get what they want, to be promoted, or to be recognized and respected.

In Vietnamese proverb, "Lửathửvàngthật, gianlaothửngườithànhthật" which is translated: "fire tests gold and endurance tests integrity of a person." The readings of this Sunday remind me to live my life with certain level of integrity and maturity to let others see me as just who I am. In other words, God calls me to live a life of transparency "saying yes means yes and saying no means no" (Matthew 5: 37).

A human life is like a circle of life. A person is born and living in order with sense of transparency as a baby under lovely care and protection of parents and other family members. As an adult, a person is more likely facing with disorder in terms of trying, pretending or appearing to be someone who can fit into the wisdomor criteria of the society. When getting old with certain age, maturity and life experience, one will be more likely and hopefully finding their lives with sense of being order along with the wisdom of God such as integrity, transparency and maturity in love without condition like God.

This Sunday readingsplace Christians in choosing between the wisdom of this age and of God. With life experience, one can realize the wisdom of this age will pass away along with this age. For example, success, competition, ambition, winning, superiority, conquest and possession, fame, celebrity and so on are temporary values will not be with person forever. Christians are called to journey through this life from disorder as an adult living in the society with its wisdom and to become order like a child again with God's wisdom.

The question and challenge for all of us as adults living and working in the society is whether we are walking through disorder of this age as a journey of life, a way and an experience to help us to walk into order again in God's wisdom. In the reality, many of us consciously or unconsciously choose to stay in the wisdom of this age without knowing or willing to find a way out in order to journey into the wisdom of God.

The wisdom of God is the wisdom of integrity, transparency and maturity in love without condition like God. Only wisdom of God brings people to life and life forever because it has eternal values in God Himself. At the end, everything in this temporary life will pass away. Only sincere love from the sincere heart of a person will last forever.